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Written By ando subakti on Thursday, September 22, 2011 | 7:57 PM

I was born with a name that is shortbut it means a lotfor me a name is a mirror forsomeoneando subakt my nameI was born in the city of my prideWonosoboI do not love learningacademic learningI think the lesson in school was uselessbecause I have found the color of my lifeI like to hang outbut I hate to talk. I prefer to speak in front of peoplerather than having to listen to someone speakI love musicI like to experimentI like to play on the internetmy intention is only onetobe making money and could help the familyI spent much time in front of kumputerto see the development of my blogMy goal now is to make my blog known to the public at large. I have many friends at school, I was in junior high schoolI do not like to socializeI would rather sit back to see my blogI hate studying, becauseboringso much from me, hopefully you can be a spirit to like me:)

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